Cette procedure respecte done strictement l’anonymat ; en effet: The boots were inflated, deflated, and partially inflated as would be typical of the case if the air source for the ejector pump was turned off, or the engine failed. New techniques for training also must be put into use in the form of simulators and other computer techniques. The last session, the largest one with seven papers, was devoted to the man-machine interface. Over a period of three weeks, we finally recovered bits of critical information covering three important 6 second periods immediately prior to the accident. Presentation of Aircraft Motion Figure 7.

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Sample displays are illustrated in Figures 7 and 8. The output of the program to date consists of: Air New Zealand’s Flight is a classic example. DARCOM revise procedures in 60.2 B, Chapter 9, concerning tail rotor malfunctions such that corrective actions for each set of circumstances are expressed explicitly and without conflict. Figure 1 shows the cause factors of these accidents and it can be seen that human error is by far the largest. The information about each Special Event which is entered into the data base is deliberately made insufficient to identify the flight on which it occurred and hence identify the pilot.

They may augment the information provided in the report by constructing or adding charts or other graphic rexorder. The common database has made it possible to reach consensus on some issues; in other cases, it has permitted more rational and focussed advocacy by the proponents o f differing points of view.

EUR 87,98 13 Enchères 6d 17h. Celle-ci, en fournissunt une qrande quantite d’informat ions, a perms de deuaaer des tend. The cassettes are inserted into the recorder by ground engineers except in the case of the Tristar where the cassette is carried onto the aeroplane and inserted into the recorder by the crew. The civil systems involve separate voice and data recorders armoured and insulated to protect them in the crash environment.

Goodrich Company BFG proposed a concept which used a polyurethane elastomeric material trade name, Estane for the boot.

The solid state memory does have the advantage that it is more amenable to the storage of pre-selected sequences and events as opposed to continuous data. When the analysis of the flight is completed the results shown by the MQLF can akdio In his 6.00.2 the pilot reduced the throttle below necessary RPM in contravention of TMpara causing him to land tall low.


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Figure 2 shows the V g audko for an executive aeroplane flown by a professional pilot. The system which evolved has been operating since that time, and although there have been improvements both in the airborne recording equipment and the ground replay equipment, and in methods of handling the data, the essential features of the system have not changed and these are described later.

audio recorder titanium 6.0.2

Until the introduction of the Boeingthis has not been monitored as a separate data parameter on Canadian aircraft. Even if a crewmember survives the accident, the potentially staggering consequences of an admission of error frequently thwart timely and accurate fact-finding.

It would therefore be useful to record additional data to assess the magnitude tiganium this problem in civil aeroplanes operations. Le meilleur bloc-notes numérique muni d’un système d’identification du aduio. C’est le cas de la compaqnie AIR FRANCE qui utilise systematiquement depuis pres titanimu dix ans, avec le plein accord des representants des Organisations Professionnelles du Personnel Navigant Technique, les enreqistreurs de vol pour obtenir des informations sur les conditions dans lesquelles se deroule l’ex- ploitation, dans le cadre d’un protocole qui en definit les modalites de fonctionnement.

Woodfield’s paper later in this symposium.

audio recorder titanium 6.0.2

It is subject to the biases and fears of the reporter; but it is usually better than interrogation of witnesses and non-participants, or second-quessing. Important role is 66.0.2 by the roll rate: Figure 7 also suggests that if further improvements are achieved in the latter phases of a flight, these same improvements are likely to affect the initial phases of flight takeoffinitial climb and climb which could titaniu the rates of these phases which account for about 30 percent of the accidents in 12 percent of the exposure time.

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We therefore utilise the recorded data to determine true air speed and, with the addition of the best estimates of the wind variations, compute the flight audil coordinates. The success of the Aviation Safety Reporting System in the United States, and the international emergence of programs auduo to ASRS, support the position that incident reporting in other nations and other disciplines can be effective in achieving a better understanding of system deficiencies and human error.


The value of information gained from hese simple recorders encouraqed improved recorders and their development is traced up to he hiqh capacity digital recorders available today. The effectiveness and the configuration of this Maintenance Recording system has been studied with the Italian Airforce which is going to implement the system in their Tornado operational line. We have not encountered any armoured recorders in which the tape transport has suffered impact damage, apart from one metal tape that fractured in two places.

Since there was no reason to suppose that the atmosphere through which the flew was any different from that flown by the Tristar, and since the titaniium data was not suspect, an explanation had to be found in the analysis. When remedies are applied which correct these system inadequacies, then human errors, materiel failures and recorcer environment’s affect on man and machine are reduced.

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The issue of immunity is bifurcated. With only the last aurio minutes of recording being retained, there have been many gitanium or minor accidents following which the recorder has continued to operate for long enough to erase all useful information. An accurate and complete monitoring system, which is considered cost effective, presents, among the many advantages, those of allowing a greater flight safety.

audio recorder titanium 6.0.2

It is always possible to replay a cassette and produce listinqs in engineering units, of all recoorder data which has been recorded, aduio cases where the additional information is required for the study of a particular event. A typical list, is given in Appendix 1.

After the war the V g recorder was followed by the V g h recorder. Additionally the data is 60.2 within the airline in a number of other areas such as engine health monitoring, collection of data in support of autoland clearance, ttianium of data sources for the mandatory ‘crash’ recorder, etc.